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Goshen Road Terminus

The marker is located in Edwardsville, on the grounds of the Lewis & Clark Library System. The Library is just east of IL Route 159, in the south part of Edwardsville, south of LeClaire, at 425 Goshen Road.
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Land of Goshen Historical Society and The Illinois State Historical Society

Marker Description:
The Goshen Road was one of the main arteries of travel in the early 1800's, when Illinois was frontier country. The road ran in a northwesterly direction from Shawneetown to Edwardsville -- a distance of more than 150 miles. Shawneetown and Edwardsville were two of the leading commercial towns in Illinois. The road was named for the Goshen settlement, which lay south and west of Edwardsville. The center of the Goshen settlement was about four miles southwest of here. The road was extended to Edwardsville by 1814 and Alton by 1839.

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