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Historical Marker:

Six Mile Prairie

The marker is located in Granite City, on the west side of the 3200 block of Maryville Road, just south of its intersection with Stratford. It is on the grounds of the Six Mile Prairie Museum.
Dedication Date:
Dedication By:
Old Six Mile Historical Society and The Illinois State Historical Society

Marker Description:
Six Mile Prairie, located in the American Bottom six miles from St. Louis, was first settled in the 1830's by American farm families who migrated from the Upland south. With their crude farm implements, these pioneers broke through the tough prairie sod to grow crops in this rich bottomland, once called the "Garden Spot of the State." The increase in farm trade and stage coach traffic required improved access between Six Mile Prairie and St. Louis. In 1849 a plank road was constructed of 12 foot oak logs split and laid face up on stringers. This later became an extension of the National Road.

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