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Fort Kaskaskia

IL 3 and Fort Kaskaskia State Park Rd.
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State of Illinois

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Fort Kaskaskia, a rectangular wooden stockade, was begun in 1734, completed in 1736, and garrisoned at intervals thereafter by French troops. In 1760 it was rebuilt, but in 1764, after the defeat of the French in the French and Indian War, its garrison was withdrawn. Two years later the people of Kaskaskia destroyed the Fort to prevent the English from occupying it. For several years during the period of disorder which followed the American Revolution, John Dodge, a notorious adventurer occupied Fort Kaskaskia and made it headquarters for the tyrannical and illegal rule which he maintained over this region. With Dodge's expulsion and the establishment of stable government in 1790, Fort Kaskaskia was abandoned forever.

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