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Illinois Heritage, the popular history magazine of the Illinois State Historical Society, was established in 1997 to encourage professional and amateur historians, museum professionals, teachers, genealogists, journalists, and other researchers to explore and write about Prairie State history for a broad audience.

Illinois Heritage is published six times per year and is available as a benefit of membership in the Illinois State Historical Society. Individual editions can also be purchased by contacting our office directly. Visit our Membership section for membership options and information.

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September - October 2017

September - October 2017
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September - October 2017

The coming of autumn conjures up memories of an America that
was and our connections to our state’s past. 
Visiting Shiloh Cemetery, the burial place of Thomas and Sarah Bush
Lincoln, leads to a reflection on the mortality of our ancestors, and
ultimately, to our own mortality.    Cemeteries are not so much a place to bury
the dead as they are a place where the once-living have finally settled down.  So it is with the stories passed down to us
over the years as we find our own way to pay tribute to the past by sharing the
tales in our turn.

Each of the 102 counties that make up Illinois has a wealth
of heritage to share with visitors and residents.  Whether we are selecting the perfect pumpkin
or biting into a crisp apple newly picked from the orchard, it is the time of
year when we can savor some of the harvest bounty of our state. 

With the September/October, 2017 Illinois Heritage embarks on a third decade of stories unique to
the Prairie State.  Share your Heritage.
Table of Contents


  • To Our Readers
  • President's Message
  • Letters
  • ISHS News
  • The Honor Roll


  • Collinsville's Historic Treasure:  the D. D. Collins House, Newly Restored and Ready for the Bicentennial (Sample article)
  • Forgotten Voices of Illinois:  Albert Britt's Memoir of Rural Life, an America that Was
  • Celebrating 20 Years of Illinois Heritage (1997-2017)
  • How's Your Knowledge of Illinois History?  Douglas County Trivia
  • An Illinois Weatherman:  Charting Weather Phenomena in the Early 20th Century (Sample article)
  • Time Traveling in the Lower Illinois Valley (Sample article)
  • Seedlings for the Future:  Historic Bicentennial Trees Offered to Illinois Counties
  • Remember Me?  "Kulp for Congress"
  • Making History in Your Hometown:  Celebrate the Illinois Bicentennial with an Historic Markert! (Sample article)


  • The Society of the Living Dead:  The Radium Girls:  the Dark Story of America's Shining Women, by Kate Moore (2017)

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