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Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society

The Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society, established in 1908, is the scholarly publication of the Illinois State Historical Society. The peer-reviewed Journal welcomes articles, essays, and documents about history, literature, art technology, law, and other subjects related to Illinois and the Midwest.

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Volume 108 - Number 2 - Summer 2015

Volume 108 - Number 2 - Summer 2015

Volume 108 - Number 2 - Summer 2015


THE SUMMER ISSUE OF THE JOURNAL OFFERS three articles that examine key aspects of the Prairie State's Political history.

In "Elijah P. Lovejoy: Anti-Catholic Abolitionist," John Duerk examines the famous abolitionist's anti-Catholicism, which constituted a vital component of Lovejoy's larger worldview.

In "A Question of Loyalty: The 1896 Election in Quincy, Illinois," John Coats analyzes the election of 1896 at the grassroots. For decades political historians have viewed the election of 1896 as a "critical" election, marking the transition from the third to the fourth party system.

Finally, Richard Allen Morton's "It Was Bryan and Sullivan Who did the Trick': How William Jennings Bryan and Illinois' Roger C. Sullivan Brought About the Nomination of Woodrow Wilson in 1912," examines the backroom negotiations and on-floor machinations that produced Woodrow Wilson's nomination at the 1912 Democratic Party convention in Baltimore.

Book Reviews:

The Black Hawk War of 1832. By Patrick Jung.
Reviewed By: Kay J. Carr

Necessary Courage: Iowa's Underground Railroad in the Struggle against Slavery. By Lowell J. Soike.
Reviewed By: Holly M. Kent

The Rise of the Chicago Police Department: Class and Conflict, 1850-1894. By Sam Mitrani.
Reviewed By: Andrew S. Barbero

A Lawless Breed: John Wesley Hardin, Texas Reconstruction, and Violence in the Wild West. By Chuck Parsons and Norman Wayne Brown.
Reviewed By: Patricia Ann Owens

Food Co-ops in America: Communities, Consumption, and Economic Democracy. By Ann Meis Knupfer.
Reviewed By: Eric Mogren

Chicago Whispers: A History of LGBT Chicago before Stonewall. By St, Sukie de la Croix.
Reviewed By: Marie K Rowley

Lines of Descent: W.E.B. Du Bois and the Emergence of Identity. By Kwame Anthony Appaih.
Reviewed By: Patrick B. Miller

Pioneers of the Blues Rival. By Steve Cushing.
Reviewed By: Clark "Bucky" Halker

The Rural Midwest since World War II. Edited by J.L. Anderson.
Reviewed By: Jon Lauck
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