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Bicentennial Commission Moving Forward with 2018 Celebration

March - April 2018

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This March–April issue of Illinois Heritage highlights the recognition of thirty Illinois churches and synagogues that have been in continuous fellowship for 150 years or more. Currently, more than 200 churches and synagogues have been recognized by the ISHS.

The Bicentennial Year is well underway with many special events planned by local historical societies, libraries, government agencies and other community organizations. As an individual, consider reading one or more books listed in the Illinois Classics: A Bicentennial Reading List, a twelve-month reading list that includes novels, nonfictional works, and poetry, all by Illinois authors and expressive of the Illinois experience. 

This issue expresses not only the variety of interests in the state, but what is important at different periods in our state’s history.

1818: A Frontier is Forged

Crystal Lake Historical Society

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When the State of Illinois was established, what is now McHenry County was unchartered and was inhabited primarily by Native Americans, trappers and traders. Join us as we celebrate the 200th birthday of our state and meet the adventurers who explored and surveyed our land, making it safe for settlers to arrive in the following decades.

An Illinois Bicentennial Tea

Tazewell County Museum and Educational Center

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Come and bring your favorite mom, aunt, or special lady for a mother’s day outing. Come for a great time and have an old-fashioned day celebrating our 200 years in Illinois. This is a once in a lifetime event.

Toluca Garden Walk and Coal Mine Market

Toluca Coal Mine Association

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Walk through seven gardens in the community of Toluca and shop at the Art Fair and Farmer’s Market on the grounds of the Toluca Coal Mine "The Jumbo." 

Dedication of Johnny Appleseed Tree and Presentations

Toluca Coal Mine Association

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Presented by Toluca Coal Mine Association and University of Illinois Extension Marshall-Putnam Master Gardeners and Master Naturalists 

Presentations include:
  • Johnny Appleseed story teller 
  • Native American presentation on preservation of our Heritage 
  • Tree Identification Program
  • Geologist on Area Geology 
Activities include:
  • Climbing the Jumbo (Coal Mine Slag Pile)
  • Bicycle Safety Program
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