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Volume 110 - Number 1 - Spring 2017

Volume 110 - Number 1 - Spring 2017

Volume 110 - Number 1 - Spring 2017


“Names and Appearances are often Indeterminate:”
Quandaries over Identifying Jews in Chicago, 1953–1961
Kelly King-O’brien

“Behind the Suburban Curtain:” The Campaign
for Open Occupancy in Naperville
Ann Durkin Keating 

“The Dwindling Legacy that Is Food for Mice and Flames:”
Discovery and Preservation of Illinois Historic Newspapers
through the Illinois Digital Newspaper Project, 2009–2015
Marek Sroka and Tracy Nectoux 

Book Reviews

Empire by Collaboration: Indians, Colonists, and Governments
in Colonial Illinois Country
. By Robert Michael Morrissey.
Reviewed by Michael C. Beatniks

Prairie Justice: A History of Illinois Courts under French,
English, and American Law
. By Roger L. Severns.
Edited by John A. Lupton.
Reviewed by Jerome B. Meites 

The National Joker: Abraham Lincoln and the Politics
of Satire
. By Todd Nathan Thompson.
Reviewed by William Furry

Abraham Lincoln, the Quakers, and the Civil War:
“A Trial of Principle and Faith.”
By Robert M. Marovich.
Reviewed by William R. White

Lincoln’s Generals’ Wives: Four Women Who Influenced
the Civil War—for Better or Worse.
By Candice Shy Hooper.
Reviewed by Patricia Ann Owens

For Slavery and Union: Benjamin Buckner and Kentucky Loyalties
in the Civil War.
By Patrick A. Lewis.
Reviewed by Wesley Moody

Union Made: Working People and the Rise
of Social Christianity in Chicago.
By Heath W. Carter.
Reviewed by T.R. Noddings

Manhood on the Line: Working-Class Masculinities
in the American Heartland.
By Stephen Meyer.
Reviewed by Bucky Halker

Friends Disappear: The Battle for Racial Equality
in Evanston.
By Mary Barr.
Reviewed by Thomas Gubbels

Last Project Standing: Civics and Sympathy
in Post-Welfare Chicago.
By Catherine Fennell.
Reviewed by Micah Salkind 

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