Friday, August 23, 2019



Fact vs. Fiction: WWII War Movies

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

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No conflict in human history has been portrayed in the movies more than World War II. Join us as Mark DePue talks about some of your favorite World War II themed movies, and how they fare when put under the bright lights of history.

Coulterville Fall Fest

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Join us at this community event to bring family and friends together! Proceeds will be used for park renovations

Tales from the Vault: Rare Books

Abraham Lincoln Presidential LIbrary

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What qualities define a rare book? Is it age, value, construction, or something else entirely? Could it be the story of the book: how it was made or who may have owned it? Join ALPLM’s Reference Librarian Meghan Harmon as she highlights some of her favorite treasures from the library’s Rare Book collection. You’ll see books intended for peasants and presidents, oversized and miniature, adorned with illuminations, gildings, velvets, vellums, and even a book bound in the skin of python.

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