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World War I

Bishop Hill Chautauqua

Bishop Hill Heritage Association

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One hundred years ago, the great nations of the world agreed to an armistice that ended World War I, the war to end all wars. The 6th Annual Bishop Hill Chautauqua will commemorate The Great War with guest appearances from the major players, including Winston Churchill, General “Black Jack” Pershing, and President Herbert Hoover. 

Volume 109 - Number 1 - Spring 2016

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“How Newness Enters the World”: Cultural Creolization in Swedish-American Hymnals Published at Augustana College, 1901-1925
 - By Peter Ellertsen

Sacrificing for a “Just Cause”:
The World War I Memoir of Edward F. Paule, U.S. Engineers
 - By
Jeffrey L. Patrick

Moral Imperatives and Political Realities:
Edward Marciniak and the Fight to End Chicago’s Dual Housing Market
By Charles Shanabruch

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