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Elaine Evans

Book Signing: Springfield’s Celebrated Horseshoe Sandwich

Books on the Square

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Carolyn Harmon and Tony Leone have written the history of Springfield’s Celebrated Horseshoe Sandwich, compiling facts about the people who were originally involved in the creation of this Springfield dish and extensive information about the many restaurants and caterers who offer variations of the horseshoe. 

The Organ Benefactions of Andrew Carnegie in Central Illinois

Menard County Historical Society

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From 1895 until his death in 1919, philanthropist Andrew Carnegie made a tremendous contribution to community culture and musical heritage throughout central Illinois. Known for his matching gifts to create public libraries across the country, Carnegie also helped churches and community centers purchase pipe organs as instruments of cultural enrichment, celebrating his love of music and his belief that musical expression uplifted the soul. Carnegie’s Foundation in New York called these pipe-organ matching gifts “benefactions,” and more than 8,000 were manufactured and distributed worldwide, 207 in Illinois alone. Carnegie’s pipe organ gifts outnumbered his libraries by more than 3-1, yet these musical endowments are almost unknown. Until now.

Egyptian History--Celebrating 150 Years of the SIU University Museum

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The year was 1869. In New York City, Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton founded the National Woman Suffrage Association. Ulysses S. Grant was sworn in as the nation’s 18th president. The transcontinental railroad was completed with a golden spike in Promontory, Utah. Overseas, Egypt’s new Suez Canal linked the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. And here in Illinois, Cyrus Thomas was charged by the first Board of Trustees of the fledgling Southern Illinois Normal University (SINU)—(now Southern Illinois University Carbondale) to organize a university museum.

Creal Springs Seminary Historical Marker Dedication

Sponsored by the Williamson County Historical Society, the Family of Mary Delilah Murrah Hulett, and the Illinois State Historical Society

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Join us on Saturday, May 11, at 1 p.m. for the dedication of the Creal Springs Seminary historical marker.

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