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For non-history Factoid information about the weather, average temperature, highest point, population, statistics, rate of unemployment, etc. contact the Illinois State Library reference service or call their Information Line at (217) 782-7596. Also check Help with School Work: State Symbols, History, Genealogy, Fourth Grade Reports, History Fair before you write me for help.

The word "ILLINOIS" is the French form of the Algonquin name ILLINI which means "superior men." It is how some native Americans in this area referred to themselves.


Information about Illinois Government and the State Capitol:

Official State of Illinois Home Page or Governor Rod R. Blagojevich and a tour of the The Executive Mansion

Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White - Illinois State Archives- Illinois State Library, vehicle and driver's licenses, corporations and THE 2001-2002 BLUE BOOK and The 2000 Millennium Edition BLUE BOOK and The 2001-2002 HANDBOOK OF GOVERNMENT

Attorney General Lisa Madigan

Comptroller Daniel W. Hynes

Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka

State Government Agencies - Links to all State Agencies and to Local and Federal Government. Also a State telephone directory

The Illinois State House Contains a history and desription of the current Capitol building

Vital Records How to obtain Birth and Death Certificates in Illinois.

The Illinois General Assembly Legislative Information

The Illinois Constitution: Article by Article - Illinois' fourth constitution was adopted in 1970

The Illinois Compiled Statutes The current laws of Illinois

Currently proposed bills in the General Assembly

Newly passed bills from this session

Capitol Fax: The Definitive Site for Illinois Politics

Local Election Results - Links to County and City election boards.

Democracy Net - Links to Illinois election results, voting information, and political parties. and theIllinois Campaign for Political Reform Homepage

Opinions of the Illinois Supreme and Appellate Courts Since 1996

The Federal Register - Links to Federal Regulation, Public Laws and Presidential Documents.


Illinois History and Geography

See also Topics of Special Interest at bottom of Page.

An Atlas of Illinois Maps

List of all Historical Markers in Illinois

Illinois History Documents, 1673-2000

Native Americans in Illinois - History of the Illini Confederation

"Chief" Black Hawk and the Sauk Nation

Black Hawk War Veterans - Database of Illinois men who served 1831-1832

History of Women's Suffrage in Illinois

Illinois and the Civil War

Slaves in Illinois - Database of Servitude and Emancipation Records (1722-1863)

National Underground Railroad and Freedom Center

Illinois' Civil War Soldiers - Database - List of Participants by Name

Spanish-American War (1898) Veterans from Illinois - Online database. Search for Participants by Name

Database of Marriages in Illinois before 1900

Illinois Labor History - (Mother Jones, Coal Mining, Strike Breaking and much more.)

Chronology of Illinois Labor History

Early Land Sales, Maps, Analysis, and Records or the Illinois Public Domain Land Sale Information at the State Archives

Historical Maps of Illinois and the Northwest Territory

Population of Illinois by Counties: 1810 to 2000

A Color Map of the 102 Illinois Counties or Historic Air Photo Project for six counties

Map History of Illinois County Boundaries: 1790 - Present


JUST FOR KIDS: For Those Pesky School Reports

Illinois' State Symbols, Song, Flag, Official Seal, and Slogan

State Symbols - Grades K-8

Our State's Capitols, Capitals, Flag and More - Grades K-8

THE 2000 ILLINOIS BLUE BOOK - Photos of all the state officials, chronology of historical events, lists of all past state offiers and legislators.

For school reports about Illinois history, population, climate and products, try Fact Monster and search for "Illinois," or "Illini," or "Casimir Pulaski." Other sources for general Illinois information are: School Discovery, Kids Click, Home Work Help, or About Home Work.

For a list of What Days are Commemorated in Illinois look up 5 ILCS 490/ in the Illinois Compiled Statutes and use 105 ILCS 5/ to see which days are School Holidays. To know who Casimir Pulaski was try "Oddball Holidays" or an online encyclopedia such as The Encyclopedia Britannica

Information about the State History Fair student contests

For those typical 4th grade state reports you can also try sites with Illinois Products, Land Area, Highest Point, or The U.S. Census Bureau for population questions at

At Home in the Heartland Grades 4-10 Excellent new resource about the history of Illinois people, culture and objects. Timelines, maps, teacher resources.

Prairie Pages - Illustrated lessons for 4th to 6th graders about: the Illini, Pioneers, Lincoln, Early Government, and Jane Addams.

Homework Helper for Elementary Students

Why Illinoisans are called "Suckers"

Tour of the Governor's Mansion and History and Views of the State Capitol

Famous Places, Memorials, and Historic Sites in Illinois

The Liberty Bell Museum Describes the monument on the Illinois Capitol grounds.

The Words to Illinois' State Song -- If you have RealAudio or MP3 you can listen to The Singing of the Official State Song

Brief Bios of Governors and their Wives

Governor Henry Horner

Biographies of all Presidents and First Ladies Online including Lincoln, Grant, and Reagan.

Biographical Directory of the U.S. Congress - Look up any U.S. Senator or Representative who ever served from Illinois.

Look up links to government information in The Illinois "Find It" Database or access 40 million library items found in Illinois in The Virtual Illinois Catalog

Links to Advanced History Research Tools - from the University of Illinois History Department.

Historical U.S. Documents (1600 - Present) Online - from the University of Oklahoma College of Law

For general Internet reference for students and adults try what librarians use, The Librarians' Index to the Internet



Maps and Geographic Material

To ask questions about maps call the Illinois State Library map room at (217) 782-5823.

Homepage of Illinois Counties

Map History of Illinois County Boundaries: 1790 - Present

Early Land Sales, Maps, Analysis, and Records or the1895 Map of All Counties

International Internet U.S. Land and Property Research

Public Land Surveys


Links to Lincoln

Illinois' State Slogan: "Land of Lincoln"

Lincoln's Home in Springfield run by the National Park Service, and other Sites Related to Lincoln in Illinois and the United States.

Lincoln's Tomb in Springfield

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Musuem - Possible opening by July 2003

The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln

Illinois State Historical Society - Large photographic prints of Hessler's 1860 beardless Lincoln are now available to the public.

Lincoln Documents Online at the Illinois State Archives

Lincoln's Legal Career in Illinois

Abraham Lincoln Associations Around the World and The Abraham Lincoln Association in Springfield

The Lincoln Museum in Fort Wayne, Indiana - Lincoln Quiz and Lincoln Lore

Abraham Lincoln Online - The Mother of All Lincoln Links

Lincoln's "Spot Resolutions" and the Mexican War

Lincoln Assassination Pages and Mary Todd Lincoln Research Site

Abraham Lincoln Historical Digitization Project

Abraham Lincoln in Macon County

Lincoln the Surveyor by Carl Sandburg

Lincoln at the History Place - Photos, timeline of his life, text of speeches.

Mr. Lincoln's Virtual Library at the Library of Congress.


CHICAGO, CHICAGO, That Toddlin' Town...

Chronological History of Chicago - List of historical events developed by Municipal Reference Librarians

Deaths, Distrubances, Disasters and Disorders in Chicago - Compiled by Chicago Public Library Reference Librarians. An excellent source for reports about the Lady of Angels Fire, Iroquois Theatre Fire, Eastland Disaster, etc.

Chicago Stories from WTTW-TV Stories about famous Chicagoans, disasters, ethnic groups, sports and more.

Historical Sketch of Chicago written about 1894.

Demographics: Population, Ethnicity, Gender and Age also Population of Chicago and Modern Crime Statistics

Chicago History Research Guide - Links to the locations of city records and photos for serious researchers. Chicago bibliography.

Chicago Metro History Fair Links to Topics

Chicago Imagebase - Historic photos and maps of Chicago and a study of its architecture.

Chicago Historical Society

The Newberry Library

The City of Chicago Web Site

Chicago Mayors: Pictures and Biographies

Proceedings of the Chicago City Council (1833-1871) Database.

Cook County Government - County Board, County Agencies and Officials. The County Clerk records all births and deaths.

Cook County Coroner's Inquest Record Index, 1872-1911 - Searchable database of decedents.

Chicago Police Department Homicide Record Index, 1870-1930

Notable African-American Chicagoans

DuSable Museum of African-American History

Portrait of Black Chicago in 1973-74

Chicago Architects - Oral histories of 56 master builders.

Chicago Landmarks -Historic buildings and the Chicago Commission on Landmarks. See also: Historic Places in Chicago - Places on the National Register.

Fort Dearborn

The Chicago Fire An Online Exhibit

Richard Bales' New Look at the Cause of the Great Fire

The Haymarket Tragedy and the Haymarket Affair Trial

The Pullman Strike with Timeline

The World's Columbian Exposition - Chicago 1893 Or see another interpretation at: The World"s Columbian Exposition: Idea, Experience, Aftermath The World's Columbian Exposition of 1893 Digitization Project at the Illinois Institute of Technology Text and photos from 1894 books

The "Eastland" Disaster July 24, 1915

The Chicago "Black Sox" Baseball Scandal

Jane Addams & the Hull House Museum

The 1924 Leopold and Loeb Trial

The 1969 "Chicago Seven" Trial

Facts About the Chicago River See also: The Chicago River and maps and history of The Des Plaines River, The Calumet River and the Fox River

History of Bridgeport and the Origin of the Illinois & Michigan Canal

Jazz Age Chicago: Urban Life from 1910 to 1945 Movie palaces, Marshall Fields, Leopold and Loeb Case, Aragon Ballroom, White City Amusement Park and more.

Chicago's "L" - The Elevated Train System

Chicago Tunnel Company Railroad All about the tunnels and freight railway system under Downtown Chicago

Related sites include the 1992 Freight Tunnel Flood a Chicago Public Library website with a link to the online 1928 Freight Tunnel book

Chicago Transit System Sites

Graveyards in Chicago - Over 200 excellent photos and history of Chicago's most famous tombs and cemeteries.

Museum of Broadcast Communication - The history of radio and TV from 1921-1989.

The History of Chicago's Roman Catholic Archdiocese

Suburban Chicago Local History Information



Genealogy in Illinois and Beyond

Illinois Death Records 1915-1950 now online. Illinois Trails History and Genealogy for 26 Counties




Native Americans

History of Illinois and Prairie Indian Nations

Detailed Tribal Histories

The Illini Confederation: Lords of the Mississippi Valley (Kaskaskia, Peoria, Cahokia, Tamaroa and Michigamea), Prehistoric Cahokia, Kaskaskia Indians, Legend of the Piasa


The French in Illinois

Early Colonial History

George Rogers Clark Papers Includes information about Sons of the Revolution and Colonial Wars living in Illinois. See also the George Roers Clark

Illinois Trails - A random collection of material about old Illinois.

Illinois & Michigan Canal National Heritage Corridor or the Illinois & Michigan Canal Virtual Tour - The canal first opened in 1848 See also: The Canal Corridor Association Offering teachers' workshops and canal history and "Down the Drain" A Canal History Essay

Joseph Glidden's Patent for Barbed Wire, The History of Barbed Wire and Illinois, and The Invention and Development of Barbed Wire

Charles Guiteau Case The assassin of President James Garfield was born in Freeport, Illinois on September 8, 1841.

Documents from Illinois During the Gilded Age: 1870-1900

History of the Illinois Central Railroad

Illinois Railway Museum

The Southern Illinois History Page - The Old Slave House, Charlie Barger's Hanging and more.

Illinois Local History Network Links to early books, historical census data, New Madrid Earthquakes, Little Egypt in Southern Illinois

Coal Mining in Illinois

The 1917 East St. Louis Race Riot

Illinois' Veterans: Korean and Viet Nam War Memorials State-level Casulty Lists from The Korean Conflict (1951-1957) located at the National Archives. Search by name or "home of record."

Cemetery Records of Illinois

A History of Illinois Park Districts

Brief History of Kewanee - Hog Capital of the World

Random Histories of Six Illinois Counties



The Illinois State Archives -Depository of State Government Records of Permanent Value

Illinois State Historical Society - Supporting Illinois history through publications and programs

Every Library in Illinois Directory - Connections to every public, private, and school library in the state.

Illinois State Genealogical Society

County and Township Fact Sheets Includes photos of each county court house. or a quick List of all Illinois County Courthouse address and phone numbers or try Links to County Vital Records Offices and the Homepage of Illinois Counties

Directory Illinois Museums and Local Historical Agencies and a list of Illinois Museums, Geneological Societies and Historical Societies

Historic Local Government Records Database - Illinois State Archives IRAD System

Illinois State Museum - Located in Springfield. Great programs for kids.

Illinois State Historical Library - Non-circulating collection of books and manuscripts. Major photo, historic newspaper, genealogy and Lincoln collections.

Illinois Humanities Council - Programs, speakers, grants, calendar and membership.

Illinois Heritage Association - Help for Historic Preservation Projects and Questions

Illinois Historical Survey - Special Collection for Advanced Historical Research

Stone Quarries, Stone Monuments and Geology Resources in Illinois

Illinois Natural Resources Geospatial Data Clearinghouse

Illinois Natural History Survey - Ecology, Wildlife, Fauna, Climate

Museum of Funeral Customs - Located in Springfield

The Chicago Public Library's List of Illinois Colleges, Universities, and Libraries

University of Illinois Archives - Red Grange, Lorado Taft, Chief Illiniwek and more.



Living in Illinois Locate Illinois Communities and Statisical Information and Illinois Community Websites

Illinois on City Link

Selected Municipal Codes and Ordinances

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