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Carmi, Illinois

There are three identical markers. This marker is located five miles west of Carmi on private property on the south side of US 460.
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Illinois Department of Transportation and The Illinois State Historical Society

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On December 9, 1815, the General Assembly of the Illinois Territory created White County out of the northern section of Gallatin County. Settlers had been in the area for almost a decade before Carmi was platted as the seat of the new county in 1816 when captain Leonard White, veteran of the War of 1812 for whom the county was named, James Ratcliff, Daniel Hay and White were joint proprietors of Carmi, and Hay selected for the community the name which can be traced back to the Biblical character who was a son of Reuben, nephew of Joseph, and grandson of Jacob. The residence of John Craw served as White County's first courthouse. It later became the home of John M. Robinson (1794-1843), who served as US Senator from Illinois (1831-1843) and was a justice on the Illinois Supreme Court (1843). Carmi was also the home of four members of the US House of Representatives: Colonel John M. Crebs (1868-1873), James Robert Williams (1889-1895, 1899-1905), Orlando Burrell (1895-1897), and Roy Clippinger (1945-1949). Other sites of historical interest in Carmi include the Ratcliff Inn, where Abraham Lincoln stayed in 1840 while campaigning for Whig presidential candidate William Henry Harrison and which was restored in 1960 by the White County Historical Society, and the house built in 1871 by Colonel Everton J. Conger, commander of the troops which captured John Wilkes Booth, Lincoln's assassin. Historical markers have been erected on these sites.

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