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Knox County, Indiana (See list of all markers in county)
The marker is located in Vincennes, IN on the grounds of the George Rogers Clark Memorial which is located near the banks of the Wabash River and southwest of the US 50 Bridge over the river.
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Illinois Bicentennial Commission, The Illinois State Historical Society, Indiana St. Historical Society

Marker Description:
After taking the Kaskaskia on July 5, 1778, George Rogers Clark, acting under Virginia authority, sent Father Pierre Gibault to Vincennes as his envoy. Gibault convinced the villagers there to take an oath of loyalty to the Americans. In early August, Captain Leonard Helm arrived to take command of Fort Sackville. On December 17, British forces under Colonel Henry Hamilton recaptured the fort. Clark, with some 160 men, reached Vincennes on February 23, 1779, after an eighteen day march through flooded country. The move caught Hamilton by surprise. Two days later he surrendered. The Fort, renamed Patrick Henry, remained in American hands.

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