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Image Courtesy of Karen Kruse
The marker is located in the town of Wamac, which adjoins Centralia on the south. The marker is in the Wamac City Park, on the east side of Wabash Avenue (old IL Route 51) and opposite the point where Hudson Avenue meets Wabash Avenue.
Dedication Date:
Dedication By:
The Illinois State Historical Society and the City of Wamac, 1991.

Marker Description:

On March 25, 1947 a violent explosion struck Centralia Coal Company Mine No. 5 located in Wamac, Illinois. By March 29, it was confirmed that the explosion, combined with the subsequent release of poisonous gas, had taken the lives of 111 of the 142 men working in the mine at the time of the accident.

The disaster focused state and national attention on known hazardous conditions existing both at Mine No 5 and the coal mining industry as a whole. Ultimately, the result was passage of new mine safety regulations for the industry.

This marker is dedicated in memory of the miners who lost their lives in the tragedy.


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