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Image Courtesy of Elaine Shemoney Evans
Marker is located at the intersection of 11th and Chestnut Streets, on the Jackson County Courthouse lawn.
Dedication Date:
Dedication By:
First Bank And Trust Company of Murphysboro, The Gen. John A. Logan Museum, and The Illinois State Historical Society.

Marker Description:
Colonel Lindorf Ozburn, born in Jackson County, Illinois in 1823, married Diza Glenn, John A. Logan's cousin. Ozburn, who served with Logan in the Mexican War, joined the Illinois 31st Infantry at the beginning of the Civil War. On Logan's promotion to general, he became its colonel. When Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, Ozburn's long-held beliefs forced him to resign his commission. He was killed in Carbondale, Illinois, in 1864 by William Weaver, whom Ozburn had disciplined while in the service. Weaver was arrested and housed in the jail, which once occupied this corner. A mob stormed the jail and killed Weaver.

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