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The marker is located in West Park, 30590 E. 750 North Road, Le Roy, IL
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The McLean County Museum of History, with support from the Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas and the Illinois State Historical Society

Marker Description:

By the late 1700s, the Kickapoo people had established a major settlement one mile northeast of this location. The Grand Village was well situated atop a high ridge in a savannah on the eastern edge of a 22-square mile timber tract. At that time West Park was a part of this forest, known as “Old Town Timber.” Proximity to fertile fields, abundant game and timber, and important trade routes made this summer village the home of many Kickapoo leaders. Tecumseh reportedly visited the village when he organized an Indian confederacy to oppose American expansion. Kickapoo summer villages included council houses, dance grounds, sweat lodges, scaffolds for drying corn, and agricultural fields. The Grand Village site itself encompassed almost one square mile, and included an enclosed stockade used to pen horses and for defense. Opposed to American expansion, the Kickapoo allied with the British during the Ward of 1812. American frontier militia waged a war of extermination against the Kickapoo, systematically destroying villages and crops throughout Central Illinois. The Kickapoo abandoned the Grand Village during this time. Many Kickapoo remained in Central Illinois until the early 1830s, despite their 1819 land cessation treaty with the United States. Today the Kickapoo live in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Mexico.


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