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Mission and Principles

Mission and Principles

The Illinois State Historical Society was founded in 1899 to support the Illinois State Historical Library and to encourage research and writing on subjects of Illinois history. Though independent of the State of Illinois and the Historical Library since 1997, the Illinois State Historical Society continues to actively promote the study of Illinois history. The Society encourages everyone from University scholars to local historians to take an active part in Illinois history. The Society is a not-for-profit organization which depends solely on membership dues, gifts, bequests, and foundation grants to support, preserve, and disseminate the story of Illinois and its people.

Our Mission

The mission of the Society is to foster awareness, understanding, research, preservation, and recognition of history in Illinois.

Operating Principles

As a not-for-profit organization serving the whole state and dependent on the efforts and the support of many, the Society asserts it will operate on the following principles:

  • Excellence: We strive for the highest quality in our products, services, and events.
  • Efficiency: We use our limited resources carefully and to the greatest effect.
  • Participation: We provide opportunities for volunteer activities at the state level.
  • Diversity: We are interested in the variety of Illinois groups, communities, regions, organizations, eras, leaders and events.
  • Broad Scope: We recognize that history in Illinois is intrinsically related to regional, national, and international history.
  • Non-partisan: We take positions on current issues only as they might relate to our mission, vision, and goals.

Contact Us

By Mail:

Illinois State Historical Society
Strawbridge-Shepherd House
PO Box 1800
Springfield, IL 62705-1800

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Original photo of our office

Strawbridge-Shepherd House, a 1845 farm house (above)
Currently the office of the Illinois State Historical Society.(below)

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