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Illinois Heritage, the popular history magazine of the Illinois State Historical Society, was established in 1997 to encourage professional and amateur historians, museum professionals, teachers, genealogists, journalists, and other researchers to explore and write about Prairie State history for a broad audience.

Illinois Heritage is published six times per year and is available as a benefit of membership in the Illinois State Historical Society. Individual editions can also be purchased by contacting our office directly. Visit our Membership section for membership options and information.

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Illinois Heritage, January–February 2018

Illinois Heritage, January–February 2018
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Illinois Heritage, January–February 2018

Volume 21, Number 1

The Illinois Bicentennial is here and we hope readers are finding their own ways to celebrate the state’s birthday! Consider marking the occasion for fellow history lovers with a gift membership to the Illinois State Historical Society.  Both the Illinois Heritage and the Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society plan special issues to mark the occasion and your friends will be able to share in the fun.

This issue introduces us to the “Coffee Pot,” a forgotten rest stop in rural Macon County and shares the work of brothers Mark and Carl Van Doren, who earned Pulitzer prizes in history and poetry.  From DuPage County, William George and Robert Schuster, also brothers, share the story of Marcellus Brown’s role in the
Battle of Gettysburg.

Visits to Grayslake, Mt. Carroll, Charleston, and DeKalb round out our look at Illinois.  Thanks are due to everyone who have already stepped forward to support the Society’s bicentennial projects, whether it’s been to place a Hesler portrait of Lincoln in your county or to plant a Johnny Appleseed tree there.  We live our history, but you give it meaning. 

Happy New Year!

Table of Contents


  • To our readers
  • President's message
  • Letters
  • ISHS News (sample article)
  • The Honor Roll


  • Living History:  Grayslake 5th graders explore the meaning of life in a cemetery (sample article)
  • Forgotten Voices from Illinois History:  Carl and Mark Van Doren
  • Great Italianate!  A visit to one of the treasures of Carroll County
  • Bicentennial Timeline:  A random day-to-day look at Illinois history
  • Marcellus Jones and His Two Battles of Gettysburg:  How a DuPage man helped win the Civil War with one shot (sample article)
  • Bicentennial trees:  Johnny Appleseed trees kick off ISHS's celebration of Illinois's first 200 years.
  • A Bite of America:  A short story of Heath, the candy bar that served--and saved--America (sample article)
  • Illinois Women Artists, Part 32:  Irma René Koen 
  • The Coffee Pot:  Iconic roadside diner on a historic Illinois Highway


  • Corn Kings & One-HorseThieves:  A Plain-Spoke History of Mid Illinois, reviewed by Michael Burlingame


  • Daniel R. Buck, Jr. 
Issue Price$5.00
Sample Article #1

Marcellus Jones and his two battles of Gettysburg:  How a DuPage man helped win the Civil War with one shot

Sample Article #2

A Bite of America:  A short story of Heath, the candy bar that served - and saved - America.

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