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Illinois Heritage, the popular history magazine of the Illinois State Historical Society, was established in 1997 to encourage professional and amateur historians, museum professionals, teachers, genealogists, journalists, and other researchers to explore and write about Prairie State history for a broad audience.

Illinois Heritage is published six times per year and is available as a benefit of membership in the Illinois State Historical Society. Individual editions can also be purchased by contacting our office directly. Visit our Membership section for membership options and information.

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Illinois Heritage, January–February 2022

Illinois Heritage, January–February 2022

Illinois Heritage, January–February 2022

Volume 25, Number 1

To our readers

Years from now when students are researching the Omicron winter of 2022, they’ll perhaps wonder what we muddling mortals did to keep the virus at bay, besides getting vaccinated every six months. They’ll wonder, “perhaps,” because there’s an odd chance the variant we currently are combating will mutate and render all history—except Illinois history—moot. The eschatologists are already pondering this, and we’ll let them, because we have the January–February issue of Illinois Heritage to nourish and protect us until the next injection.

In this issue of Illinois Heritage, our contributors—Kristan McKinsey, John Hallwas, Beth Young, Martin Joyce, Greg Koos, James Cornelius, Cindy Reinhardt, Mark Sorensen, and others—offer a banquet of delights across the Prairie State, a sampling of art and literature, travel and letters, and history in the making, just enough to sustain and inspire us until the next issue.

Meanwhile, here at the ISHS office in Springfield, we’re gearing up for the 2022 “Best of Illinois History” awards, which will take place (in person, we hope) on Saturday, April 9 at the Hoogland Center for the Arts here in the capital city. This event promises to be a celebration of the first order, with more than 35 award  presentations to the best Illinois history writers, exhibitors, website developers, film producers, preservations, and educators we could find. Mark your calendars, get your boosters, and buy yourself a fancy face-mask—we plan to party likes it’s 2022. And if we have to Zoom it all again, it will be awesome to see you and celebrate with you the “Best of Illinois History.”

William Furry
Executive Director

Table of Contents


  • To our readers
  • President’s message
  • Letters
  • ISHS News
  • Obituary: Mark Plummer
  • The honor roll


  • Forgotten voices: Preston Bradley—Minister, author, social crusader
  • Illinois Women Artists series, #49: The three arts club of Chicago (Sample Article)
  • Historic headlines: Looking for Lincoln
  • Thomas Nast’s “Peace in Union: Ten West Pointers, one postage stamp, and Galena’s treasure
  • Historical marker to John L. Lewis dedicated in Panama (Sample Article)
  • The Lincoln collector
  • “Dear Jane”: The tell-all letters of Major Peyton C. Smith, citizen of Adams County
  • Coinmetromania: Strolling the headstones
  • Writing a 19th century local history in the 21st century
  • Rolling along: 125 years at the Austin Outing Club

On the cover

Coal miners from the Shoal Creek Panama #1 Mine in Panama, Illinois, circa 1909, dressed for a night on the town. Pictured are (?) West, George Savage, Clayton Romani, and John L. Lewis, the future president of the United Mine Workers of America.
--Photo courtesy Panama Village Museum.

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