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Illinois Heritage, the popular history magazine of the Illinois State Historical Society, was established in 1997 to encourage professional and amateur historians, museum professionals, teachers, genealogists, journalists, and other researchers to explore and write about Prairie State history for a broad audience.

Illinois Heritage is published six times per year and is available as a benefit of membership in the Illinois State Historical Society. Individual editions can also be purchased by contacting our office directly. Visit our Membership section for membership options and information.

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Illinois Heritage, May–June 2017

Illinois Heritage, May–June 2017
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Illinois Heritage, May–June 2017

Volume 20, Number 3

With this issue of the Heritage, we welcome our new President Leah Axelrod to the helm.  Leah has been a member for 20+ years and she is the fifth woman to serve as ISHS President since 1899.  Thanks are due to Randall Saxon as he steps down to take life a little easier, if that is possible for a gardener.  

Readers of this issue will enjoy a little bit of everything, from John Hallwas's look at the life of naturalist Donald Culross Peattie to Michael Sublett's look at a proposed 103rd Illinois county, named for wildlife painter John James Audubon.  We are also pleased to share Verna Ross Orndorff scholarship winner Anna Sielaff's essay on Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.   

Thanks to our Society members for keeping the lantern burning and the rivers gently flowing!  Share your Heritage!

Table of Contents



  • Forgotten Voices of Illinois History:  Naturalist Donald Culross Peattie and His 
  • It's Earlier than You Think
  • Photos from the Shawnee National Forest
  • 2017 ISHS Annual Awards
  • Highlights from the 2017 Illinois History Symposium
  • Lost Illinois:  Audubon, Audubon County (Sample Article)
  • 2017 Verna Ross Orndorff Award Scholarship Essay
  • Road Trip
  • "A Question of History" Illinois Bicentennial Essay (Sample Article)


Issue Price$5.00
Sample Article #1

Lost Illinois:  Audubon, Audubon County by Michael Sublett

Sample Article #2

"A Question of History" Illinois Bicentennial Essay

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