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Illinois Heritage Magazine

Illinois Heritage, the popular history magazine of the Illinois State Historical Society, was established in 1997 to encourage professional and amateur historians, museum professionals, teachers, genealogists, journalists, and other researchers to explore and write about Prairie State history for a broad audience.

Illinois Heritage is published six times per year and is available as a benefit of membership in the Illinois State Historical Society. Individual editions can also be purchased by contacting our office directly. Visit our Membership section for membership options and information.

Visit our Illinois Heritage Magazine section to see issue summaries and sample articles from recent releases.

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General News

Illinois Humanities Announces Second Round of “Forgotten Illinois” Grants

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Illinois Humanities announced today the second round of grants as part of the “Forgotten Illinois” initiative, which is meant to help celebrate the Illinois Bicentennial in 2018 and to spark curiosity about Illinois history and its implications for our state’s present and future. The program is carried out in partnership with the Illinois State Historical Society.

DEKALB Ag Historical Marker Dedication

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DeKalb Area Agricultural Heritage Association (DAAHA) today announced plans to dedicate on September 11 an ISHS historical marker recognizing yet another example of local agricultural innovation that has had national and international ramifications.  The marker recognizes the transformative impact on global agriculture of DeKalb AgResearch, aka, DEKALB Genetics Corporation. The company’s early and sustained success in the development and commercialization of hybrid seed corn, and later in the development and commercialization of other crop seeds and animals, helped to transform agriculture and with it, the livelihoods of countless people.

Lincoln-Douglas Debate Interpreters to Focus on "Quincy’s Greatest Day"

Lincoln-Douglas Debate Advisory Board, Quincy

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Abraham Lincoln and  Stephen A. Douglas portrayals and a speech by the National Park Service’s Lincoln Home historian on the evening of October 11 will celebrate Quincy’s observance of the 160th anniversary of what some local historians call the city’s greatest day.

On October 13, 1858, the Lincoln-Douglas debate in Quincy drew more than 12,000 people from three states to Quincy’s Washington Park. That sixth of the seven debates was for Lincoln the “turning point” in his campaign to win Douglas’s U.S. senate seat. It was in Quincy that Lincoln “took off the gloves” in his contest with Douglas. 

The Norway Building Historical Marker Dedication

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Join the Illinois State Historical Society and the kingdom of Norway at the unveiling of a new ISHS historical marker to commemorate the "Norway Building," at noon on Saturday, August 25, at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. The Norway Building, modeled after the Norwegian stave churches of the Middle Ages, is one of the few buildings from the 1893 Columbian Exhibition in original condition and the only one to return to its country of origin. The historical marker commemorates the location of the Norway Building at the Exhibition, and chronicles its history in the US and Norway. 
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