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Welcome to the Illinois State Historical Sociey's online store. Over the years the Society has accumulated many books and since it is neither a research center nor a lending library, we have created this Store to make these books available for purchase. Most are single title items in like new condition. In addition to books, we are also offering for sale back issues of the Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society, art work, and stationery. All proceeds from these sales will be used to support the Illinois State Historical Society.

*Most of the books for sale are new or very gently used and in extremely good condition.  If you have any specific questions, please feel free to call the office at 217-525-2781, Ext. 1.

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Summer of Rage: The Springfield Race Riot of 1908 - 259ecc8a-3603-9ec5-7d59-f81d18420270
Manufacturer: James Krohe, Jr.
Summer of Rage: The Springfield Race Riot of 1908

Summer of Rage tells the story of the two days leading up to August 14, 1908. Two black men sat in the county jail, accused of unrelated sexual assault and murder crimes against whites. Police secretly took the prisoners out through the back door and put them on a train to a jail 60 miles away. When the crowd learned that the prisoners were gone, they began destroying buildings, looting, and eventually lynching two prominent members of the black community. The rampage continued until Governor Charles Deneen called in the Illinois National Guard. One of the immediate effects of the riot was to spur civil rights leaders to found the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

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