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25th Annual Conference on Illinois History—Call for Proposals

Elaine Evans
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25th Annual Conference on Illinois History—Call for Proposals

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum

The Conference on Illinois History is accepting proposals that deal with the history, culture, politics, geography, anthropology, sociology, or archaeology of Illinois. We also welcome proposals that use Illinois history as a lens to understand a regional, national, or international issue.

We encourage submissions from historians, educators, high school and college students, digital humanists, and those engaged in the study of Illinois history at libraries, historic sites, museums, educational institutions, and historical societies. We particularly welcome proposals which illuminate the diversity of Illinois history in regard to race, ethnicity, ability, and/or gender.

Types of possible proposals:

Roundtable Discussion: A roundtable discussion is comprised of a moderator and 3-4 panelists. The session is organized around a single topic, for instance “Challenges Facing State Historic Sites” or “Abraham Lincoln and Race.” The moderator then facilitates a discussion about the topic between the panelists while also taking questions from the audience. The total session including audience Q&A is 90 minutes.

Rapid Roundtable: Similar to a Roundtable Discussion, a Rapid Roundtable is comprised of a moderator and 4-6 panelists. The panel is asked a series of questions and each panelist is allotted 2 minutes to answer with the moderator keeping strict time.

Panel: This is a proposal for a traditional panel, in which 2-3 panelists give a research presentation in a 90-minute session (20-30 minute presentations with 30 minutes for Q&A). The proposal should include presenters and a moderator who will introduce the panelists and moderate the Q & A.

Single Presentation: This is a proposal a single researcher makes who wishes the conference organizers to place them in a traditional panel.

Lightning Round: A lightning round is an exciting, fast-paced panel with short presentations designed to give the broad strokes of a topic, share a digital project, or share an approach to a single topic (such as engaging students in the classroom). The lightning round includes 4-5 10-minute presentations that each use no more than 10 image slides. The audience will then be encouraged to offer questions and constructive comments. We will accept both full lighting round proposals and proposals for single presentations to be placed in a lightning round.

Teacher Workshops: Teacher workshops should focus on the use of best pedagogical practices and/or innovative strategies to teach any aspect of Illinois’s history, culture, politics, geography, or archaeology. We particularly welcome proposals which encourage the teaching of diverse Illinois history in regard to race, ethnicity, ability, and/or gender.

To view the full call for proposals and submit your proposal, please visit our conference website.

The deadline for proposals is May 1, 2023.

Any questions can be directed to or 217-558-0128.

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