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Put Abraham Lincoln back in your courthouse!

William Furry
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Put Abraham Lincoln back in your courthouse!

Society offers exquisite Prairie Lawyer photograph to Illinois county courthouses











March 27, 2017

Greetings from the Illinois State Historical Society:

The Illinois bicentennial commemoration has already begun in
the Prairie State, and it is the mission of the Illinois State Historical
Society to see that Alexander Hesler’s celebrated portrait of Abraham
Lincoln—the Prairie Lawyer and 1860 Presidential Nominee—hangs in every
courthouse in Illinois.

This portrait, photographed in Springfield on June 3, 1860,
is perhaps the finest pre-presidential image of Lincoln ever taken. The
original glass-plate positives are owned by the Illinois State Historical
Society and are now being offered as a special, 30” x 40” framed canvas prints
at $500 each (plus tax, shipping, and handling). The large, stunning canvas is suitable
to hang in the county courthouse—or in your living room.

Thanks to several generous donors, Hesler Lincoln portraits
now hang in the Cass, Pike, and Macon county courthouses, as well as in museums
in Springfield, Quincy, and Beardstown. Won’t you help us put this exquisite
portrait of Mr. Lincoln in your courthouse or historical society?

Call 217-525-2781 today and order your Lincoln portrait. Don’t
delay. The price for this special framed-canvas Lincoln portrait is only good
for 2017. We guarantee the price will go up in 2018, when we offer the prints
to the general public.

Your obedient servant,

William Furry
Executive Director