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Jenni Dahl

A Conversation with Distinguished Author Jonathan White

Four Score Speaker Series

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Four Score Speaker Series presents:
A conversation with distinguished author Jonathan White
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation
Tuesday, February 8, 2022
7 p.m. CST (via Zoom)

The Four Score Speaker Series returns for the new year on February 8th with a special pre-publication conversation with Dr. Jonathan W. White about his new book, A House Built by Slaves: African American Visitors to the Lincoln White House.

Stone Repair and Restoration

Landmarks Illinois & IMI ´╗┐Annual Historic Preservation Education Event

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For Landmarks Illinois Stakeholders, Preservationists, Architects, Owners, Developers, General Contractors, BAC Signatory Contractors, Gov’t Officials

Historical Society Offers New Resource for Genealogists

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A valuable new tool for genealogists has just been completed by volunteers and staff at the Madison County Archival Library. It is expected that the new “Guardianship Index” will help genealogists solve roadblocks in their family trees and allow them to learn more about their ancestors.

MCHS has put the index on its website so it can be accessed by anyone, although a visit to the library will be necessary to see the actual file. The index can be found at

It can also be located by going to, and looking at Library Resources on the Archival Library page. 

Little Lincoln's Fireside Tales (Family)

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library

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Little Lincoln's Fireside Tales: Family!
Tuesday, November 23 at 10 a.m. (in-person) and 2 p.m. (virtual)
Classroom at Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library
Cost: Free


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