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Elaine Evans

Buckle of the Corn Belt: An Illustrated Tour of McLean County & Everyone's Favorite Grain

McLean County Museum of History

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On Saturday, November 20 at 1:00 p.m., please join McLean County Museum’s Librarian, Bill Kemp, for a free, Zoom webinar that will explore the history of corn and how it has been a staple crop in what is today McLean County for the better part of a millennium. We'll be following the intertwined stories of corn and McLean County—from the corn-growing, mound-building Mississippians of the 13th century, to Funk Bros Seed Co. and the hybrid corn revolution of the 20th century.

Illinois Heritage, November–December 2021

Volume 24, Number 46

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In this issue of Illinois Heritage we explore the “Badger Huts” of Jo Daviess County, the destruction of an elegant Italianate farm house in Springfield, the remarkable career of author and editor William Maxwell, Ottawa’s tent colony for the treatment of tuberculosis patients, the elegant art of Christia M. Reade, Joseph Harker’s ascent from the coal mines of southern Illinois to the presidency of the Illinois Woman’s College in Jacksonville, and so much more, including several newly installed historical markers around the state.

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William Furry
Executive Director


Great War Encampment 2021

Illinois State Military Museum

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The Illinois State Military Museum invites you to explore the history of the First World War at the Great War Encampment on November 6, 2021! Reenactors will be at the museum to meet with the public and showcase the uniforms, equipment, weapons, and vehicles of WWI.

The Mysterious Bard of Sangamo: Early Illinois poet brought to life in new video production

Illinois State Historical Society

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John Hancock, a well-traveled, heart-broken poet, arrived in Springfield in the summer of 1831. His journey began in Cornwall, England, in the late 18th century, with stops in Italy, France, London (where he studied law), and Canada before his arrival in the Sangamo Country, where he secured a job selling whisky and sundries in Jacob Capps’ Grocery. According to ISHS director John Hallwas, professor emeritus of history and English at Western Illinois University and a Medievalist who has written more than 20 books about Illinois history and culture, Hancock was the finest poet in the Midwest in the 1830s, a writer of exceptional depth who wanted to capture the Prairie experience in verse. He succeeded admirably. Hallwas’ book, The Poetry of H: Lost Poet of Lincoln’s Springfield (Ellis Press, 1982), is the basis for his new play, The Mysterious Bard of Sangamo, which was recorded this past summer.

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